****GROUPONS****  May only be purchased and used one time by each client.  You may buy the 1 or 2 package from Groupon and are then eligible to pre-purchase packages directly from LoLo.  Thank you!
Get 15% off if you book 3 waxing or sugaring services in a row on one day!
*****Men’s Services:  All services listed below with the exception of the Brazilian (known as a Manzilian) as we don’t currently have any service providers trained in these.*****
Women’s Services:  All services listed below.
Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian hair removal method that uses a water/sugar blend instead of wax to remove unwanted hair.  It can be more gentle on the skin because it only removes hair and not skin!
Brazilian:  74 (women only)
Brazilian maintenance:  64 (women only)
Brazilian packages:  see online prices.
Brow Shaping: 24
Brow Maintenance: 16
Lip: 12
Chin: 16
Cheeks(face): 16
Sideburns: 20
Jawline 15
Ears: 16
Nostrils: 16
Full face: 59
Bikini : 49
Extended Bikini: 59
Half leg: 45
Full leg: 120 (90 min)
Toes&feet: 16
Buttocks: 32
Between the cheeks: 26
(Men) Neck:16
Back: 45
Back & shoulder : 55
Underarm: 26
Half arm: 35
Full arm:  45 (hands and fingers included)
Chest: 40
Stomach: 25
Nipple: 18