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The “Fix It” Massage

This massage targets problem areas that cause you tension and/or pain.  Choose from light to deep tissue massage techniques for your massage.  30 or 60 minute option.  Easily add on any massage upgrades.  BOOK HERE

Flourish Massage

Need to feel grounded?  Get centered with this treatment uses Himalayan salt stones (heated or cool) to massage your back and neck.  The stones have organic trace minerals that help relax your muscles, increase alkalinity in the body, work out muscle tension and ground your energy.  BOOK HERE

Relaxation Massage

This massage helps relax tense muscles and busy minds!  Your therapist will do a quick intake to decide which combination of massage techniques will best help you relax and rejuvenate!  30, 60 or 90 minute option.

FANCY Spa Massage

60 or 90 minute massage includes massage + warm aromatherapy towels + sugar scrub for feet & hands to leave you feeling pampered and refreshed!

Cupping Massage (coming soon!)

60 or 90 minute massage integrating ancient cupping techniques with deep tissue massage for an especially effective treatment experience. This negative pressure massage is great for athletes, injuries, overall recovery, or just chronically tight muscles and soft tissue.  Plastic and silicone cups are used here which are less intense than the glass cups with fire as a suction starter.  You can view these 2 modalities in the following youtube videos:  Plastic/Kangzhu or Silicone/Baguanfa