New to You 15% Off!

(If you’ve never tried one of these mention the “New to You 15% Rate” when booking!)

 Classic facial

Biocertified Ecocert™ organic formulas, intensively nourishing, antioxidants to fight damage & revitalized skin appearance.  Extractions optional.  Details here...60 min $105 (or included in spa membership).   BOOK HERE

Clear & Glow facial

Firms, moisturizes and protects with a peel and special massage skill to break up creases and release a youthful appearance.  Extractions optional.  Details here…30 minute $65   60 minute $125   (or included in spa membership) Part of the Trifecta package for $140  BOOK HERE

Hydrate & Plump facial

This European style facial uses a waterless gel-to-rubber mask to cosmetically oxygenate  and plump skin tissues, and a 37 step face massage and to give an instant firming effect.  Extractions optional.  Details here 60 Minutes $145 OR **Can be booked as your spa membership service with a $15 product charge!** BOOK HERE

“Cocktailed” Facial

A customized facial that is “crafted” based on your specific needs!  Our esthetician will discuss your skin concerns and help decide which combination of products will best suit your desired outcome and create a blended treatment.  60 min $125 (or included in spa membership).   BOOK HERE