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Dermaplaning removes all the dead skin cells and your small “peach fuzz” facial hair leaving the surface very smooth and with a youthful glow.

  • $89 special 1st time 30 min dermaplaning
  • $157 special 1st time for 30 dermaplaning + 30 min facial
  • $105 regular rate for 30 min dermaplaning
  • $185 regular ate for 30 min dermaplaning + 30 min facial included.

**NEW!! Dermaplaning monthly memberships

  • $89 30 min dermaplane or
  • $120 30 min dermaplane + 30 min facial (min 3 months)

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Benefits include:

  • Non-invasive exfoliation that helps to stimulate fresh skin cells to the surface
  • Getting more out of your skincare products because they can penetrate deeper and work more efficiently
  • Creates a flawless surface for makeup to glide on smoothly
  • Get the glow of a celebrity without doing an invasive procedure!  NO recovery time necessary!

Dermaplaning is done with a medical-grade blade being lightly feathered across the skin by our medical esthetician.  30 min session includes cleansing, exfoliation, hydrating serum and sunscreen application.

Please call to ask about pricing!  206-397-3516

Scared?  Don’t be!!

“Ok, I was a little nervous at first because I am a fair-skinned redhead with skin that definitely has a tendency to be sensitive.  I found the sensation to range only from slightly annoying near the outter orbit of the eye to actually feeling kind of like a nice scalp scratch near the hairline.  My face was less red than with any peel or waxing/sugaring I’ve ever done and my skin seemed to actually look better and better for the days following the treatment.  Definitely excited to be adding this service as a stand-alone treatment as well as to boost our facials!”-Dr. Kristi Mashni