Service providers will be wearing masks and have aprons that are either changed between clients or disinfected between clients.  We ask that you wear a mask for certain services that allow for it and will have the optional disposable masks if you do not have your own.  We will also take your temperature upon arrival. You will be denied service if it is too high. Please arrive on time so that we do not have overlap of customers being too early or too late.  If the door is locked please call or text to see if you need a code to get in or need to wait for the provider to let you in. 

Rules/regulations change almost daily so there may be alterations to the above listed information. If you have more specific questions please call us or email us We appreciate you being understanding as we continue to adapt to new information and alter protocols to keep you and our staff safe.

Due to the potential spread of Viral illnesses, please do not come to your service if you are sick or are concerned you may be starting to get sick. Please call, text, or email to cancel due to illness or potential exposure to others that are ill.

Thank you!