Body Treatments Details

  • Detox Algae Mud “wrap” Details….This wrap promotes cell renewal through Vitamin A while seaweed/algae antioxidants boost circulation and kick-start lipid metabolism, purifying and reducing puffiness and have a stimulating effect for a clear complexion.  A citrus enzyme mask is brushed onto your skin to remove dull cells and prep the skin to receive more nutrients.  The brown algae mud (including the “miracle algae” Laminaria) has more skin-impacting ingredients than any other natural product.   60 minutes total $125
  • Clear/soften Mud Wrap Details…Grotta Giusti Mud-Italian-sourced mud that is rich in vitamins used in a traditional style mud wrap to detoxify and clear problem skin as well as relax and heal muscles.  First we gently massage a jojoba bead and enzymatic gel to polish the skin and soften the skin barrier.  You will then feel a gentle brush painting the clay mud onto your body.  You will be wrapped up to rest for 20-30 minutes with a scalp and/or foot massage.  Afterwards a rinse with our Vitamin C shower and a sample of body butter for you to apply post shower! 60 minutes total $125 or membership + **$20 product fee**
  • Body Polish Details-Your esthetician will use the gentle sugar polish to exfoliate dry and dull skin off of your body while the oils deliver protective antioxidants to heal and buffer environmental stresses.  You will then rinse off the granules in our Vitamin C infused shower and get to take the rest of the 6oz luxurious scrub with you!

Vitamin C Infused Shower

  • 100% natural, pharmaceutical grade, environmentally friendly Vitamin C in a filter that removes 99% of chlorine and chloramine leaving your skin and hair much softer.



  1. Detox body, cellulite reduction, healthy insides
    1. Relaxing Wrap (Bagni di Pisa WRAP)
      1. If you just want to relax in the room and don’t like heat or obvious sweating
    2. Sauna Treatment (Bagni di Pisa treatment
      1. If you really want to feel a difference and sweat out any impurities/toxins
  2. Clear Problem skin/RELAX/PAMPER
    1. Traditional Wrap with Mud/Clay (Grotta Giusti)
      1. If you want to feel mud pull out impurities, improve overall health of skin
      2. Feels like 2 services with the post-shower body butter mini massage
    2. Body Polish/Scrub
      1. If you have DRY skin, or bumpy skin that needs to be smoothed, polished, glowing and just look better for a couple of days
      2. If you like luxury/pampering without the mess of a mud/clay
      3. Feels like 2 services with the post-shower body butter mini massage